If you've found a new home to buy, it's a good idea to have an inspection of the property before investing. At Brittain Hadley, our team of RICS Chartered Surveyors provide four types of surveys:  Building Survey, Condition Report, Structure only survey and Snagging Survey. 

Building Survey

This provides a fully comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the buildings construction and condition. The report we provide will detail every aspect of the house and identify any defects, the cause of defects, any urgent repairs and maintenance issues.

A building survey can more than pay for itself. Not only will it give you peace of mind but also advises of any existing or anticipated defects within the premises and advice on the remedies available, together with anticipated cost consequences. This enables you to fully evaluate matters prior to proceeding and finalising the purchase of the property.

On completion of the survey, Brittain Hadley can provide a report to help you budget for anticipated works over a 5-10 year period.

Our building surveys cover the following areas:

Description – the history of the property and any alterations or additions since construction.
Construction – materials used in the erection of the property and additions.
Defects – report on defects and recommendations.
Specialist Advice – recommendations as to specialist advice if required in respect of asbestos, damp and timber treatments, electrics, gas and plumbing.
Outbuildings – report on the condition and description of garages, shed and other outbuildings within the demise of the property.
Gardens – both front and rear gardens together with fences and boundaries.
Externally – all walls, roof coverings, rainwater goods, joinery, drainage and decorations.
Internally – structure and decorative condition of walls, floors and ceilings, joinery, internal plumbing within kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms, roof voids, lofts and cellars.

Building Condition Report

Provided in a set format, this gives a clear, concise picture of the condition of the property. It's aimed at buyers who would otherwise rely on a lenders mortgage valuation.

The Condition Report is backed by the RICS and written in plain English, using the easy to follow ‘traffic lights’ ratings system. The report also offers details of urgent defects and includes a section offering advice for legal advisers.

The report will not, however, comment upon services or installations in detail, nor will it allow for any detailed opening up or investigation. It does not recommend methods of repair or associated costs but simply states that defects are present.

Structure Only Survey

This type of survey comments on roof finishes, structure, walls, floors and defects and will give recommendations on remedial actions necessary. It's useful if any major refurbishment works or alterations are going to be carried out on the property.

Snagging Survey

This type of survey  comments on roof finishes, structure, walls, floors and defects and will give recommendations on remedial actions necessary. 

To find out more, get a quote, or request a sample of the types of survey reports we produce, please give us a call or drop us an email.


Q: What's the difference between a building survey and a full structural survey?

A: Building surveys go much further and comment on all aspects of the building and its existing state. A structural survey concentrates mainly on the structural performance of a building.

Q: What type of survey is right for me?

A: Building Surveys are best suited for older and more complex types of properties. This is the most common type of survey for buying a house. More recently constructed buildings may be best served by the use of a condition report. If you're only looking to understand the condition of the building structure, a structural survey may suit you best. And if you're buying a newly built house or flat with first time occupancy, a snagging schedule may be all that is required.   

Q: What's a homebuyers report?

A: The Homebuyers Report is very similar in layout and detail to a Condition Report, but offers additional advice on the value of the premises. In most circumstances your bank or building society providing the mortgage will address the value of the property, which is why Brittain Hadley do not provide a valuation / homebuyers survey. 

Q: Should I get my survey carried out by the surveyor acting on behalf of my bank / building society?

A: Most people like the independence of a separate survey and report produced by a Chartered Surveying practice, as they have no links to mortgage provider.

Q: How quickly can a building survey and report be produced?

A: It typically takes our team 3 days to gain access to the property and the Survey Report follows 5-10 days thereafter.

Q: What's the best type of report to have if buying property?

A: We would always recommend a Building Survey. It's the most comprehensive type of survey you can get and will give you full knowledge about the condition of the property you are buying. 



Speed and efficiency!

“I came across Brittain Hadley through www.chiswickw4.com. I have been so impressed with the speed and efficiency of their service. We managed to get a full building survey report produced within 7 days of call. I would definitely recommend them.”

— J.A. Chiswick, November 2017

Easy to understand...

“I bought my first flat 2 months ago and was recommended Brittain Hadley by a friend of mine because I wasn't sure what type of survey I needed. Once I'd spoken to Nathan, it was really easy to understand the type of survey I needed and they produced a condition report for me quickly.”

— L.K. Hinchley Wood, July 2017

Invaluable report

“Without the building survey report that Brittain Hadley produced for me, I would not have known about the issues the house I was buying had with the roof and chimney. The report was invaluable for helping me make my decision on my offer price.”

— J.Y. Thames Ditton, December 2017