If you're thinking of extending or altering your home, you'll need to gain consent from your adjoining neighbours or an agreement, known as a Party Wall Award, before your works can progress. It's a good idea to put this in place sooner rather than later. The process can be very straight forward, but in some instances it can take time to achieve an agreement, which could cause a delay to your work commencing. 

At Brittain Hadley, our specialist team can advise you on where work falls within the scope of the Act and facilitate the entire process, from serving relevant notices to providing full Party Wall Awards and a final inspection.

Whilst the process can feel daunting at first, we'll ensure everything runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your build project. 

Give our team a call or drop us an email to find out how we can help. 






Q: What types of work are typical for needing a party wall agreement?

A: Loft conversions / removing chimney breasts / basement extensions / excavating for the foundations for extending.

Q: Can you give me an outline of the process if I have to serve notice under the Act?

A: Typically, notices are served giving the adjoining owner 3 options:

1. To consent to the work.

2. Assent to the work with a Schedule of Condition.

3. Dissent to the work. If the neighbours dissent, an agreement in the form of a Party Wall Award is provided either by surveyors acting on behalf of both neighbours, or an agreed single appointed surveyor.  

Q: Can the same surveyor work for both the building owner and the adjoining neighbour?

A: Yes. Qualified surveyors are impartial. In many cases at Brittain Hadley, we are appointed by both the building owner and the adjoining owner. Where the adjoining owner appoints their own surveyor, we work closely with them.



"They made it easy!"

"We hadn't realised we needed to go through a party wall process until my builder mentioned it and had no idea what we were supposed to do. Brittain Hadley did all the paperwork required to make sure my neighbours were happy!  They made it easy for us!" 

— M.C. Jan 2018. Surbiton

"Fast turnaround"

“I needed a party wall agreement in a hurry. These guys got us through the process really quickly and kept us updated on the progress all the way through. I would definitely recommend them.”

— A.B. Feb 2018. Chiswick

"Professional service"

“I was dreading anything to do with my neighbours and my build work. One of my other neighbours had recommended Brittain Hadley who were very professional and managed my neighbours and the whole process, so that I didn't need to get involved. ”

— C.D. Jan 2018.