Experience and approach

Our Experience
Together we have had over 50 years building experience. Nigel Rickard has over 20 years experience in running his own practice and before this he was an associate director with HSB and has worked on projects throughout the UK. His core business has always been with Housing Associations and local authority housing.

Nathan Sproule comes from a building construction background with 10 years experience as both a builder and project manager and 15 years working as a Surveyor. In the last 5 years Nathan has worked together with his team on numerous housing association projects.

Recent housing association projects that both Nigel and Nathan have been involved in include the extension and refurbishment of 99 properties throughout Newham and Barnet during 2010 to meet Decent Homes Standards. The budget for the project was circa £7m. The budget per house was £60K in Newham and £70k in Barnet. We managed to deliver this project with average costs of £57K and £68K respectively. We have also been involved in redeveloping housing association properties that are subsequently rented on the open market.

We also maintain a presence in the residential and commercial market by undertaking surveys, dealing with planning issues, procurement and project management for regular and one-off clients.

Our Approach
Our approach is professional, practical and pragmatic. Building works should never be taken lightly and it is essential that all parties understand what the end result needs to be. Aside from the contractual requirements we believe that good communication is key between all parties to ensure the building contractor understands exactly what the client requires and that the project is delivered on time and within budget.