Specific Defects Inspections

Brittain Hadley are often commissioned to inspect both residential and commercial premises to identify defects and the cause for those defects.

Our most recent case study was inspecting a new build premises and revealing substantial defects in the basement waterproofing system. We liaised with contractors, the client and their insurers to formulate a claim, to recover a substantial amount of the cost for the works and to have the remedial works implemented.

Our most substantial case study was the identification and repair of defects to 33 residential units. Working with the owners in occupation we investigated each unit for defects and subsequently project managing the repairs of those defects via the client’s Solicitors we made a successful claim in excess of £1m against the builder.

Specific defect inspections can involve simple identification processes such as opening up works, flood tests and monitoring techniques as well as more recent technologies such as thermal imaging and CCTV surveys.