Building surveys

A Brittain Hadley Building Survey (once known as a Structural Survey) is extremely comprehensive both in terms of the inspection and the details included within the Report.

When lending you money to buy a house, mortgage companies will require a mortgage valuation survey. However, this type of inspection is very simple and is to ascertain whether or not the property’s value covers the amount being borrowed from the mortgage company.

Although more expensive than a homebuyer’s report, a structural survey can more than pay for itself. A Structural Survey not only gives you peace of mind but also advises of any existing or anticipated defects within the premises and gives you advice on the remedies available, together with anticipated cost consequences. This enables you to fully evaluate matters prior to proceeding and finalising the purchase of this expensive asset.

On completion of the survey Brittain Hadley can provide a report to help you budget for anticipated works over a 5-10 year period.

The following will be included within your Building Survey Report. A copy of a specimen survey is available on request.

Description – includes the history of the property and whether or not there have been any alterations or additions since construction.
Construction – materials used in the erection of the property and additions.
Defects – report on defects and recommendations in respect of these.
Specialist Advice– recommendations as to specialist advice if required in respect of asbestos, damp and timber treatments, electrics, gas and plumbing.
Outbuildings – report on the condition and description of garages, shed and other outbuildings within the demise of the property.
Gardens – both front and rear gardens together with fences and boundaries.
Externally – all walls, roof coverings, rainwater goods, joinery, drainage and decorations.
Internally – structure and decorative condition of walls, floors and ceilings, joinery, internal plumbing within kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms, roof voids, lofts and cellars.