Instructing builders
Once completed and agreed by the Client the Specification will be sent out to agreed building companies best suited to the type of intended works. We will liaise with the tendering contractors during the tender period then collate the tenders on your behalf. Tenders will be analysed, commented upon and discussed with the client.

Supervision of works
Once works begin on site regular site meetings will be held with the builder to oversee the works to ensure compliance with the Specification and monitoring progress of works against an agreed programme. It is the role of the Project Manager to ensure the works are being done as per the Specification and to agree any variations.

Cost control and advice
We will provide valuation advice so the builder is paid fairly for the works they have completed.

Contract conclusion
At the end of the project we will collate all guarantees etc., and agree the final account. We will also help you through the snagging and rectification periods.