Party Wall Awards

A Party Wall Award sets out the terms and conditions under which an owner can progress with building works.

The Award itself includes a Schedule of Condition of the neighbours’ property which records the condition of the property prior to works commencing. The Schedule is used as a record to protect the building owner from a claim by the neighbours and also ensures that, in the unlikely event of damage occurring to the neighbours’ property, that damage will be made good and the neighbouring property reinstated to its original condition prior to works commencing.

Without an agreed Schedule of Condition it is likely a court will always find in favour of the neighbour because it would be impossible to prove otherwise.

If the neighbour dissents to the building works they are required to appoint a Surveyor to act on their behalf. They can either use the Surveyor acting on behalf of the building owner or appoint a Surveyor of their own. The appointed Surveyor(s) will agree to terms and conditions of the Award to allow the building works to commence.

The building owner implementing the works will be required to pay all professional fees associated with the drawing up of the Party Wall Award including the costs for the Surveyor acting for the neighbour(s), provided these costs are reasonable.